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Well, I'm listening. Glad to see you back. I don't know if you remember, but we corresponded a couple of years ago about your move--I wanted to write (still do) an article about people who do the Green Acres move. I did it myself, nearly two years ago, leaving L.A. for Columbia County--I'm guessing we're a bit north of you? And maybe you're on the other side of the river? I can't remember. But glad to see you back, and happy for the update, and maybe I'll get to that article this year :-)


Hey, well thanks! I have wondered once or twice about that article, actually. How was your move?

Paige Orloff

Oh, the move was--you know: a move. Hard. My husband had back surgery two weeks prior and couldn't fly. So kids and I moved (thank goodness my babysitter came with me to help--she was a total godsend) without him. Then...oh, the next year or so is a blur. But we're mostly happy now, ten below weather notwithstanding. My daughter is trying to type for me, so more later...

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