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Oh, it does get better, it does. I remember feeling like I was sick for so, so long, endlessly, when my boy started school. After the first six months or so, it got better, and now he hardly ever gets sick and his little sister (2 and a half) seems to have a constitution like a steam engine. Even when she's sick (save one really dire pukey bug) she's not so sick. And we don't get it as much either. So hang in there...and wash your hands like you suffer from OCD--because, by the way, you will continue to be plagued by oblivious or malevolent (you decide) parents who either have to or can't be bothered not to send their green snotted darlings off to school, or worse, playdates at your house...


It gets better. I say this even as Sophie is home sick from school today (she's seven). I can't agree with Paige more: wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. Then wash the kids' hands, make your husband wash his, rise, and repeat. When we started acting like OCD hand-washers, our illnesses cut down by at least 75%. No joke.

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