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haha! to be honest - the first "person" I thought of was Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless" - gah! Where does that place me? Seriously - at first I was taken aback and then thought - Hmmmm, actually that's kind of nice & different. I'm sort of a go with the flow on the naming front (I personally like Hazel - my mother would SHOOT me ah well)....


Well, you asked us to be honest, right? Then...I have to say that I blanched when I read the name. It's true that your daughter's peers might not know who Cher is, but her teachers, her friends' parents, and anyone 20+ years older than her certainly will. And they'll hear the name of your cute little girl and think of plastic surgery and leotards.

I never comment when people ask for input on baby names, but here- I'm sorry, but I think it's a really bad idea.


Yes! Honesty! I asked for it, and appreciate the comments. We're still mulling it over. We also kind of like:



Glad you weren't offended! My husband and I are also doing the baby name game now- we have to find a name that works well in two languages and countries.

Gwen and Sadie are both very pretty names! Sadie is a little old-fashioned, but that's no reason not to call your daughter that. With Faye and Shae there's the spelling issue- she'll always have to spell it out, and it might get misspelled anyway. But I know a woman named Shae, and I think it's also a great name. People might think of Faye Dunaway, like I did, but that's not a negative thing. Unless she starts wearing feathered headresses, that is.


If you like Cher why don't you go with Sharon or a funky spelling of it and call her "Cher"? I work with a Shae, she's a very...unique person. Gwen makes me think of Gwen Stefani and Sadie, the character Bette Midler played in Big Business.
I personally have no room to speak, my two daughters have three names are named after an actress, city, flower and mythic persona, goddess, mythic creature.


i dont like cher. i mean, theres CHER, and then there was that girl on beauty and the geek? but i think, unless you pick a really unique name, someones always going to be able to say 'i once knew a....' that isnt good.

my brother knows a shay however and she is WONDERFUL. i'm sure that theres non-wonderful shays out there, so its probably not a help. but i do like the name, for a girl.

also, my nana was called hazel. i dindt know her very well but i do like the name (even thought it wasnt on your list - just to whoever said that).

BUT (sorry about the novel), i think everyone, at some point, hates their name. and i think that everyone knows at least a couple of people who will say 'i can't BELIEVE you named your child that!' (or at least imply it). so seeings as it appears that you can't please anyone for any length of time, i think you should name your kid whatever you want. after all, they get their revenge when THEY have kids. :D

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