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suburban misfit

I am so relieved that your recent visit together turned out so well. I'm happy for you both.


(I would have e-mailed you, but I don't see an address listed)--I updated the entry on my blog, but in case you didn't see it ... no offense was taken to what you said at ALL. As I said in my little update over there, it just occurred to me that some background info on the Iraq thing, and why I blog about what I do (positive stuff vs. negative stuff) might be helpful to people. If Mr. S's comment gave you pause, it probably made some other people wonder, too ... so I thought perhaps I should explain a bit better. As far as comments go, I always want people to feel they can speak freely, and I'm pretty tough to offend. And even if I were easy to offend ... well, there was simply nothing offensive in what you said! :) Sorry to scare you. I've had the same "uh-oh" feelings myself when my comments were quoted!


Oh, and I forgot to say I'm glad to hear things are going better. As you know, I am experiencing such after-the-storm jubilance myself, and am very happy you are enjoying it over there as well!

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