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This is hysterical, though I'm sure you think differently. I heard that milk is used to get the "stink" off. I can only imagine how long that smell lingered. I'm so sorry...but still laughing. Nature will get even with me for this, I just know it.


Interestingly, a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dishwashing liquid did the trick. The internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Thanks for reading.


Aeryn nailed a skunk in the back yard a couple of years ago. As we were crossing the Canadian border back into the States, I got a call that our cat was dying. We were 8 hours away and racing back around 3AM, one of the guys that was watching the dogs called to say that he had stopped by the house to let them out and she'd caught herself a skunk, He wanted to leave the Princess outside.....like that would happen....we came home to a stinky house, but thankfully a cat who had survived the night :) Oh - as far as the smell, we went with Skunk Off and then a bath at Petsmart the next day. Everytime it rained after that or even if she got her nose in the water bowl, she stunk. That lasted for a few months. Sorry :( But, thanks for posting for the Carnival :)


Now that it's a few weeks later, I'm sure you're laughing with those of us who are reading your blog and realize (or at least think) that we're not laughing AT you. ;)


Oh, my sense of humor may be too dry...I had fully intended it to be funny, and was laughing about it the very next day. Glad you found it humorous too.

Omnibus Driver

If you've got skunks in the area, you may as well keep a couple of big cans of tomato juice in the house. Bathe the dog in that before moving on to regular shampoo. Simple and effective.


I'm just catching up on your archives now and boy do I feel your pain! We have lots of skunks in our yard (alley, neighborhood, etc) and last year one of our cats got into a tangle with the beast. It was the most revoluting thing ever. I did the tomato juice thing and it worked "okay" but Iko was pinkish (from the tomatoes) and a little stinky for weeks. Ugh. I agree though - skunks are damn cute...if it wasn't for that vile vile odor....

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