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Good grief woman, you two deal with situations that would have me sobbing in a ball in a corner. I am so awestruck! Oh, and the names are cool - your ones, that is!


Holy crap! Kudos to you for holding all your sh*t together. Ay yi yi. I'm so glad that the plumbing situation has worked out (for now) and hopefully your water bill can be returned more to normal in the nearish future....eeek.

Good luck on the baby naming task!


I love both of the names you're partial to. If we were ever to have another girl (not likely), I'd name her Chloe.


There's plenty of names that don't end in 'a' My daughters are Morgan and Gillian. I like the name Paige. I hadn't heard of Eden before Mrs. Kennedy but I've grown fond of it too. Be sure to let us know what you decide on :)

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