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It's my first visit to your blog and...wow! Congratulations!


i started to say, i've been stalking your blog for a couple of weeks now and i thought now would be a perfect time to delurk and....

but wait!
i commented on your last post too!

sigh. i dunno where my brain is at the moment. its like i am one step ahead of myself while also being two steps behind.

but, oooh, congratulations!! that is great! and i am very excited for you! great news :D

Francesca (Stuntmother)

Here via the NaBloPoMo randomizer...

and needed to stop and say congratulations. Isn't rampant fertility a trip? Seems we were right all those years of being nervous about birth control. Or at least I was, and clearly needed to be.


Congratulations! We, too, are fertile beyond belief. It didn't take any time at all after that, "Hey, let's think about a second kid," before I was knocked up again. And believe me, after hearing/reading about fertility problems, I am so incredibly grateful that it was easy for me.

The pregnancies, on the other hand: hell.

Yay! The Poopster is going to be a big brother!



Fertility seems to be um, spreading. October was the first month that my husband and I were 'trying' and we totally didn't expect to hit the target on the first try. I'm also about 6 weeks and am so. incredibly. tired.

Have a good day!


Best wishes!


That's great, congratulations! seems like a hundred years ago now, my boy is gonna be 13.





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