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Hiya, from a NaBloPoMo stalker.

First up, congrats on your pregnancy. Exciting news.

And I'm very glad you are covered now, can never be too careful.


Ugh. We went through something similar, but instead of not covering a pregnancy, our insurance company wouldn't cover the medical expenses related to a miscarriage that didn't complete. Assholes. As if I really needed that crap at the time, you know?

I had NO idea about Medicaid. I wonder if they keep it a "secret" on purpose?

mary ann

Sorry to bring this information so late, but Medicaid was NOT your only option. Federal law (HIPPA) prohibits the insurance company from declaring pregnancy to be a preexisting condition.

http://www.dol.gov/ebsa/pdf/consumerhipaa.pdf Page 7 (section 11) of the PDF. "Preexisting conditions exclusions cannot be applied to pregnancy, regardless of whether the woman had previous coverage."


WOW. I spoke to multiple insurance companies, all of whom said that I would not be covered if it was established that my pregnancy started before coverage began. That makes me so mad!!!! Thanks for the info, it's still good to know.

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